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The bestselling Roswell Expose of all time, exposes the Top 50 Roswell books ever written.

As the Last Original Roswell Researcher, I shake my head but do not smile when I see UFO newbies, media Ignorati and UFO Beliebers and UFO Disclosure nuts have a poregasm over “Art’s Parts,” which is FAKE “Roswell UFO crash debris”

Kal K Korff

Of the more curious aspects of the alleged Roswell UFO crash of 1947 are the numerous claims by individuals who purport to have either seen or handled the supposed “alien” debris. Without fail their descriptions are always the same: metal that looked a lot like tin foil, yet (1) couldn’t be torn, cut, or burned; (2) couldn’t be bent; (3) would straighten itself out after being crumpled up and couldn’t be permanently creased or dented.

To the Roswell advocates, the consistency of these testimonies is a researcher’s dream come true. However, dreams and reality are often two different things entirely. Why is it, for example, that none of the descriptions by any of the witnesses ever deviates from that which was originally reported by Moore and Berlitz in their original Roswell Incident book of 1980? Can’t any of these “witnesses add anything new to the description stockpile that already exists?

If a person were to take an object, especially one that was so unlike anything anyone had seen before, and hand it to twelve different people for examination, one would expect both a wide variety of descriptions, plus some commonalities. On the other hand, if all twelve descriptions were identical almost down to the very words used, as numerous court trials have demonstrated, then there would most likely be something wrong. In fact, this would probably indicate either collusion among the witnesses or at least some copycatting taking place.

Add to this scenario the fact that these twelve people are free to “beat up” the object by trying to burn, cut, fold, dent, and tear it (or any other thing they can think of), and the number of descriptions should increase even further. Yet we do not find this perfectly normal, expected result when it comes lo the testimonies of the alleged “witnesses” who claim to have handled the Roswell alien debris.

More importantly, despite the numerous witnesses who now claim to have seen and handled the “alien”’ metallic foil, none of them appears to have ever kept a piece of this metal as a souvenir if nothing else. This is despite the fact that several of these “witnesses” claim that hey knew the metal they were holding was *extraterrestrial”* at the time they first handled it in 1947!

While there are a couple of people, as we discussed in chapter 3, who claim to have “pocketed a piece,” conveniently, and suspiciously, none of them has ever managed to produce for scientific examination any of the fragment(s) he claims to possess. Until this happens, the testimonies of those who claim to have such samples cannot be considered credible.

As the Roswell UFO craze has gained in popularity over the past few years, it was predictable that “anonymous” individuals would step forward, claiming to have actual pieces of the alien metal. While such claims must be regarded with caution, at least any purported fragments offered by sources (even anonymous ones) can be scientifically tested and quantified in a laboratory. If a genuinely verifiable piece of material that proved to be technically beyond what could be manufactured on Earth, or at least to not have originated on Earth, were ever revealed, then at last the pro-UFO community would have its long sought after “‘smoking gun” blowing open the Roswell “cover-up” once and for all.

Art Bell and the “Roswell” Fragment

Art Bell is a nighttime radio talk show personality who hosts “Coast to Coast” and “Dreamland.” Enormously popular, Bell’s syndicated programs are carried by more than 210 stations and heard by countless millions of people.

On April 18, 1996, Bell received a letter written by an anonymous individual who claimed to be serving in the US military and whose father (later grandfather, perhaps the hoaxer was bad at math) was part of the secret “recovery team” at Roswell.

April 10, 1996

Dear Mr. Bell,

I’ve followed your broadcasts over the last year or so, and have been considering whether or not to share with you and your listeners some information related to the Roswell UFO crash.

My grandfather was a member of the Retrieval Team sent to the crash site just after the incident was reported. He died in 1974, but not before he had sat down with some of us and talked about the incident.

I am currently serving in the military, and hold a Security Clearance, and do NOT wish to “go public,” and risk losing my career and commission.

Nonetheless, I would like to briefly tell you what my own grandfather told me about Roswell. In fact, I enclose for your safekeeping “‘samples” that were in the possession of my grandfather until he died, and which I have had since his estate was settled. As I understand it, they came from the UFO debris, and were among a large batch subsequently sent to Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio from New Mexico.

My grandfather was able to “appropriate” them, and stated that the metallic samples are “pure extract aluminum.” You will note that they appear old and tempered, and they have been placed in tissue paper and in baggies for posterity.

I have had them since 1974, and after considerable thought and reflection, give them to you. Feel free to share them with any of your friends in the UFO research community.

I have listened to many people over the years discuss Roswell and the crash events, as reported by many who were either there or who heard about it from eyewitnesses.

The recent Roswell movie was similar to my grandfather’s own account, but a critical clement was left out, and it is that clement which I would like to share.

As my grandad stated, the Team arrived at the crash site just after the AAF/USAF [Army Air Force/United States Air Force reported the ground zero location. They found two dead occupants hurled free of the disc.

A lone surviving occupant was found within the disc, and it was apparent its left left leg was broken. There was a minimal radiation contamination, and it was quickly dispersed with a water/solvent wash, and soon the occupant was dispatched for medical assistance and isolation. The bodies were sent to the Wright-Patterson AF for dispersal. The debris was also loaded onto three trucks which finished the on-load just before sunset.

Grandad was part of the Team that went with the surviving occupant. The occupant communicated via telepathic means. It spoke perfect English, and communicated the following:

The disc was a “probeship“ dispatched from a “launchship“ that was stationed at the dimensional gateway to the Terran Solar System thirty-two light years from Terra. They had been conducting operations on Terra for over 100 years.

Another group was exploring Mars and lo Tone of the moons of Jupiter]. Each “probeship” carried a crew of three. A “launchship” had a crew of (100) one hundred.

The disc that crashed had collided with a meteor in orbit of Terra and was attempting to compensate its flight vector, but because of the collision. the inter-atmospheric propulsion system malfunctioned, and the occupants sent out a distress signal to their companions on Mars. The “launchship”commander made the decision to authorize an attempted soft-landing on the New Mexican desert. At the same time, the inter-atmospheric propulsion system had a massive electrical burnout, and the disc was soon virtually helpless.

There was another option available to the occupants, but it involved activating the Dimensional powerplant [sic!] for deep space travel. However, it opens an energy vortex around the disc for 1.500 miles in all directions. Activating the Dimensional power-plant would have resulted in the annihilation of the states of New Mexico, Arizona, California, and portions of Mexico. Possibly even further states would have been affected.

Thus, the occupants chose to ride the ship down and hope for the best. They literally sacrificed their lives rather than destroy the populations within their proximity.

The Dimensional powerplant self-destructed, and the inter-atmospheric propulsion system was also deactivated to prevent the technology from falling into the hands of the Terrans. This was done in accordance with their standing orders in regards to any compromise with contact experiences.

Grandad spent a total of twenty-six weeks on the Team that examined and debriefed the lone survivor of the Roswell crash. Grandad’s affiliation with the “‘project’’ ended when the occupant was to be transported to a long-term facility. He was placed onboard a USAF transport aircraft that was to be sent to Washington, D.C.

It may interest you that three fighter aircraft, dispatched to investigate a distress call from the transport, experienced many electrical malfunctioning systems failures as they entered the air space of the transport’s last reported location. No crash or debris of the transport was ever found. The Team was disbanded.

Well. I realize I have likely shocked you with this bizarre and incredible account, and seeking to remain “unknown’ likely doesn’t do anything for my credibility eh? And the metal “samples” only will likely add to the controversy. [Ellipses in the original.]

But, I know you will take this with a “grain of salt,” and I don’t blame you, Mr. Bell. I just hope that you can understand my reasons and my own desire to maintain my carer and commission. I am passing through Southern California with an Operational Readiness Mobility Exercise, and will mail this just prior to this exercise, possibly from the Charleston are.

I will listen to your broadcast to receive any acknowledging or confirmation that you have received this package.

This letter and the contents of the package are given to you, with the hope that it helps contribute to discussion on the subject of UFO phenomena.

I agree with Neil Armstrong, a good friend of mine, who dared to say, at the White House no less, that there are things “out there,” which boggle the mind and are far beyond our ability to comprehend.

Sign me,

A Friend


As expected, when Bell received the “mysterious” letter, he promptly announced it on the air with all the excitement and hyperbole for which his show is noted. Much to Bell’s credit, however, he made arrangements to have the pieces of metallic debris scientifically analyzed.

Immediately after Bell’s startling announcement, the Internet and computer-based online services were ‘abuzz’ with stories about “Roswell UFO fragments“ having finally been found. Expectations ran high, with the UFO faithful keeping their collective fingers crossed. Perhaps the Roswell case would he settled once and for all, with irrefutable proof having at last been found.

While the metallic samples were starting to undergo scientific testing, Bell received a second letter from his ‘mysterious’ source. This second letter, dated April 22, 1996, was also posted on the Internet into the public domain and reads as follows:

Dear Mr. Bell,

At great risk, I am writing you in regards to the package sent your way. I had opportunity to listen to a tape recording of the radio broadcasts, when I returned home after having participated in the Readiness Mobility Exercises.

My son, a senior in college, recorded them for me.

I must say that I was somewhat surprised by the negative and close-minded responses directed your way, by some of your own listeners.

You seemed to indicate that receiving the package has vastly upset your life, and in this I would like to say that wasn’t my intention, and I offer my apologies.

Further information regarding the Roswell Crash, and my grandfather’s affiliation, would likely be potentially beneficial in your efforts at correlation and verification.

In this regard, I can only say, based on past conversations on the subject with Grandad, that the Retrieval Team consisted of three segments: the On-site Team, the In-House Team, and the Security Team. The credentials of the team members weren’t only military related. There were individuals with backgrounds from the University of Colorado, Office of Naval Research, AF/USAF and U.S. Army, UCLA and Atomic Energy Commission, and National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics, and Office of Scientific Research and Development. Additionally, there were consultants from England, France, and Russia involved.

Grandad stated their own analysis of the sample indicated it as pure extract aluminum, as a conductor for the electromagnetic fields created in the propulsion systems. However, critically needed data was “eliminated” by the self-destruct mechanisms on the disc vehicle itself. Furthermore, the occupant-survivor of the crash refused to disclose technical information, despite a series of interrogative attempts to extract technological data. No means could be found to secure the information.

There were always two Security Team members present at every face-to-face meeting with the survivor. The survivor had the ability to deduce thoughts and questions, prior to them being asked. Sometimes it became frustrating.

The disc itself was literally dissected, and it was discovered that the propulsion system had actually fused together the many components. There were control-type devices forged in the shape of the alien hand which were assumed to be control and activation surfaces.

What is today fiber-optic technology was part and parcel of the alien technology within the control panels, albeit fused and melted when the self-destruct mechanism was activated.

There were Westinghouse-affiliated persons on the Team, and Grandad always thought some of them had gone back with the knowledge and incorporated it into the future research with the phone systems.

Of course he military was concerned as to the ability of the aliens to enter our atmosphere at will, undetected, and thusly they recommended to the President that a space program be set into motion, and that a system of satellites be placed into orbit by 1957, and this satellite system be patched into the DEW Line early warning system . . . which became later NORAD. [Ellipses in the original.]

Grandad stated that it was his opinion that NORAD was formed not only to track possible ICBMs from hostile nations, but as a established detection system for UFO craft. That is why the NASA space agency has been “incorporated” by and large with our armed forces, and there are so many “classified” missions.

This is my opinion, but Grandad prophesied such occurring as far back as 1971.

Well, I am scheduled to travel back to Charleston AFB and then Pope AFB. T’Il mail this from somewhere in (South Carolina].

I’ll not likely communicate again. My wife is concerned, as am I, that the intelligence agencies will put two and two together, so it is inadvisable to further communicate this information. I hope you understand my position.

I could likely face a court martial or sedition charges for stating some of this information and [these] opinions.

You would be surprised at the extent of internal policies on this subject, and the consequences for current commissioned officers talking about UFO phenomena.

I wish you all the best, and will be listening.

I commend your courage and integrity.

I hope your listeners understand that the subject of Roswell has great potential at extrapolating the truth on UFOs, and what has come to be known as a Cosmic Watergate is only the tip of an iceberg. Grandad said that when the truth does come out, humanity will be changed beyond comprehension.

He also said many on the In-House Team lobbied to release the information to the public. Not all of them were paranoid in trusting the public with the truth.

Sign me, Still

A friend

FRAUD UFO Cattle Mutilation Lady — Linda Molten Howe

On May 19, 1996, Art Bell featured UFO rescarcher Linda Moulton Howe, whom he had hired to report on the metallurgical and scientific analyses that were being conducted on the mysterious pieces of metal that Bell had received. Howe is noted for her study of alleged UFO-related cattle mutilations and crop circles. She is also a believer of the infamous Eduard “*Billy” Meier hoax in Switzerland and has a reputation for not always being entirely objective.

At the 1995 MUFON Annual Symposium in Seattle, Washington, Howe approached this author [Kal Korff] and had the temerity to chastise me for my research exposing the Billy Meier UFO CONtactee case as a hoax! Howe accused me of being “closed-minded” and admonished me not to dismiss the case entirely. This was the first time I had ever met Howe in person.

Surprised, I asked Howe if she had ever been to Switzerland or had ever bothered conducting any firsthand investigation of her own into the Meier case as I had. Howe admitted that she had not, I then asked Howe if she had read my expose book Spaceships of the Pleiades: the Billy Meier Story, and she replied that she had not.

I then asked all Testosticles on Howe and asked her how she could comment on my research when she had not bothered reading it?

Howe, of course, had no answer. I then assured her that while I have never claimed to have disproven all aspects of the Meier case (this is impossible for anyone lo do), I simply maintain that the so-called evidence offered up by Meier and his proponents is either grossly misrepresented or fraudulent. Howe did not know quite how to respond, so she advised me to keep an “open mind.”

While I always do, I found the hypocrisy of her advice extremely ironic, and revealing.

Linda Moulton Howe is also exposed in Volume 5 of the UFOlogy UFOOLogy book series as shown here. Howe took the metal specimens and made arrangements for a collcague of hers to test them. Although she refused to divulge the scientist’s name, for fear of ridicule she claimed, the results of the tests were released nonetheless over a series of broadcasts Howe submitted via tape to Art Bell.

UFOlogy UFOOLogy Volume 5, shipping this December 2022, exposes FRAUD UFO Cattle Mutilation Lady Linda Moulton Howe and her FAKE “Roswell UFO Crash” debris. This was all exposed back in 1996. Real History, matters!

In short, the electron dispersion spectroscopy revealed that some of the samples were almost pure aluminum. The other items, various odd-shaped pieces of metal, consisted of silicon granules (i.c., sand), iron, manganese, calcium, bismuth, and zinc.

Nowhere, among any of the samples Art Bell had received, was there any indication that the items were extraterrestrial in nature or had not been manufactured on Earth.

Furthermore, these alleged “Roswell” metal samples did not behave according to the numerous witnesses who are on record as having supposedly handled the material. None of the samples bore any resemblance to the thin, lightweight aluminum foil-like metal that Jesse Marcel and others claimed would straighten itself right back out after being folded up. Instead, all of the metallic specimens Bell had received were hard, sharp pieces of metal (they looked somewhat like pieces of scrap metal actually), some of which were as thick as four millimeters.

In truth, there is no evidence whatsoever to connect the fragments Bell had been sent to the incident at Roswell, other than the “anonymous” letter that had accompanied them claiming that they were from the famous 1947 incident. If the letter and fragments are genuine, then the Roswell “UFO crash” involved an ordinary manmade object. However, given the weight of the evidence we have examined so far, it appears that the letter and *’spaceship fragments” sent to Art Bell are simply a hoax. For the Roswell faithful, their hopes and dreams of finally blowing open the case were dashed once again.

More FAKE “Roswell UFO Crash” Fragments

Around the time of the Art Bell hyperbole/disappointment roller-coaster, the Roswell International UFO Museum and Research Center, one of three dedicated UFO museums that now exist in the town of Roswell, reported that they had received a piece of metal from the famous UFO crash of 1947 from a man named Blake Larsen.

Shortly after receiving the metal, arrangements were made to test the material scientifically. Max Littell, a museum official, summed up the research center’s position by saying “If some metallurgist says there is nothing in the book like this [ic., the material is unidentifiable], and he has got all his degrees and is an expert source, then we are home free. This is it. “Shortly after the museum’s receipt of the metallic specimen, the media began to cover the story that a possible Roswell flying saucer fragment had been located.

Physicist David E. Thomas, who was watching a television news story about the subject, immediately contacted Charles B. Moore, a professor emeritus of atmospheric physics at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology in Socorro. Moore, intrigued by the metal described by Thomas, telephoned museum board member Miller Johnson, who accepted Professor Moor’s offer to help scientifically test the fragment.

On March 29, 1996, the specimen was studied in a preliminary examination at the Bureau of Mines at New Mexico Tech. Chris McKcc, the department manager, conducted the analysis, while no less than Roswell’s chief of police, Raymond Mounts, made recordings documenting the event.

X-ray fluorescence measurements revealed that the metal was approximately 50 percent copper and 50 percent silver on what was dubbed the “front side” of the specimen, and 87 percent silver and 12 percent copper on the back side. The other 1 percent consisted of various trace elements.

Once again, not the slightest shred of evidence that the specimen was extraterrestrial in origin had been detected.

The sample also suffered from the same problem as the one turned into Art Bell and analyzed by Howe’s source – it was very rigid and did not straighten itself out when folded. In fact, it could not be folded at all, unless quite a bit of force was applied, and then it would break!&

While no cvidence that the fragment was extraterrestrial had been detected, another test would be needed in order to determine its plant of origin. After all, it was either created on Barth or it was not. Since spectrographic analyses of various stars and galaxies throughout the universe prove that the same elements that are found on Barth exist elsewhere, then isotopic study using mass spectrometry would definitively settle the issue of the fragment’s origin once and for all.

The clement copper, which comprised at least fifly per- cent of the specimen, was used as a control. While most isotopes of copper (Cu) decay relatively quickly, (none are known to be stable: Cu-63 and Cu-65. As physicist David Thomas put it “No matter where copper is found on Earth, italways consists of the same percentages of these isotopes.

But heavy elements like copper are forged by a variety of Thermonuclear events in red giants and supernovae [types of stars, and thus the ratios of various isotopes will most likely vary from star to star.” Isotopes are two or more forms of an element having the same number of protons in the nucleus, but having a different numbers of neutrons.

In other words, the Earth and all its elements have an isotopic fingerprint which can be measured and used as a control when examining the alleged Roswell specimen, or any other one. If the isotopic ratios of copper in the fragment, for example, deviated significantly from those of other control copper samples from Earth, then the piece of metal would definitely be extraterrestrial in origin.

On August 1, 1996, an isotopic analysis on the fragment was conducted at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in New Mexico. The study took two days, and was per- formed by B. Larry Callis of the Chemical Metallurgical Research Division. The examination procure was recorded and photographed by both LANL personnel and Miller Johnson.

At the LAN facility, both the fragment and a second piece which had been turned in were placed inside a mass spectrometer and carefully measured. The Cu-63 readings results for both pieces turned out to be 69.174 percent and 69.120 percent. As a control, a piece or ordinary, refined copper was measured. Its Cu-63 reading measured 69.174 percent, the scientifically accepted value for Cu-63.10

Physicist David Thomas summed up the results of the copper readings succinctly by noting that “the copper was not found to deviate significantly from Earthly isotopic ratios.”

Since he other clement present in the sample was silver, it, too, was measured in the mass spectrometer. The results revealed that for the silver (Ag-107) isotopic ratios, readings of 48.160 percent and 51.840 percent were obtained, well within their earthly norms. In other words, this was conclusive proof that the sample originated from this planet, and was not the product of extraterrestrial technology!

After the test results were complete, they were published by various media. One of the people who heard about them was Albuquerque Journal reporter John Fleck, who had seen an article in the newsletter New Mexicans for Science and Reason Reports, a publication produced by a group of the same name, of which physicist David Thomas is a vice president and communications officer.

Fleck wrotc an article for the Albuquerque Journal on
August 13, 1996, which was read by artist Randy Fullbright
in St. George, Utah. Fullbright, it turned out, is a jewelry
artist and he immediately recognized the alleged Roswell
fragment as one of his creations! Fullbright had given the
piece of metal to the owner of a gallery, and informed him
that it was pieces of “scraps from his own artwork.**12
The gallery owner then gavc it lo Blake Larsen, who at
the time was in the process of leaving St. George, Utah, and
moving to Roswell, New Mexico. The gallery owner had told
Larsen that the picce of metal was “found near Roswell in
1947” after lcarning that Larsen was headed there! 13
On September 6, 1996, the Albuquerque Journal pub-
lished a front pace exposé of the Roswell fragment saga. The
story was writlen by Fleck and titled Artist: Fragment is

While this alleged “saucer fragment” turned out to be a
hoax, just like the metallic debris mailed anonymously to Art
Bell, the Roswell International UFO Muscum and Research
Center nonetheless deserves kudos for not only promptly an-
alyzing the material, but making sure that the personnel and
steps to document all procedures were processed in the cor-
rect manner. The muscum spent $725 of its own moncy lo
analyze the fragment for isoptic content alone. 14 Obviously,
the gallery owner who pulled the hoax on them had to be
aware that the material was bogus. While hoaxes somctimes
can make money for those who are behind them, this time it
cost innocent, well-intending individuals their money and
their valuable time.

As of this writing, here has yet to materialize any genu-
ine debris or metallic fragments from the so-called Roswell
UFO crash of 1947 despite the claims of various individu-
als who profess to have such material in their possession.
Until such artifacts, whose origin can be scientifically proven
to he extraterrestrial, are forthcoming, then the “alien case”*
for Roswell remains pathetically weak.

So what was it then that crashed and was recovered by
MacBrazel, Jesse Marcel, and Sheridan Cavitt at the Foster
ranch? The definitive exposé, and the solution to this fifty.
year old mystery, are presented in the next chapter.




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