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Note: Kal Korff’s historic 16 year study which was the first to definitively solve JFK’s assassination, is summarized here in this Daily Post newspaper article that was originally published in 2013. On November 22, 1993, Kal Korff presented his conclusive findings on a special 30th anniversary episode of CNN’s Larry King Live dedicated to JFK’s memory. Like all facts, Kal Korff’s conclusions can easily be verified.

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50 years ago on November 22, 1963, American president John Fitzgerald Kennedy was murdered in Dallas, Texas. As the world pays tribute to this fallen historic figure on yet another anniversary, CONtroversy still rages over whether “JFK” was killed by a lone assassin (Lee Harvey Oswald) or by a larger conspiracy involving more than one shooter. In this Daily Post special, we prove that Oswald indeed murdered Kennedy.

Murder Weapon

CONspiracy nuts falsely claim that, “Oswald’s fingerprints were never found on the assassin’s rifle.” This is not true. Daily Post has obtained official photos from the Dallas Police Department which show Oswald’s prints on the murder weapon. Pictures of Oswald holding this rifle were taken by his Russian wife, Marina, in their backyard. While CONspiracy nuts say these photos are “faked,” forensic examination of their film grain proves they are authentic.

“Six Seconds” Myth

CONspiracy nuts deliberately minimize the shooting time of the assassination. They say it is “impossible” for Oswald to have fired “three shots in six seconds” from his bolt action rifle. This “six seconds” claim is a wholly CONtrived figure. In truth, the time window of the killing was closer to nine seconds, not six. Since the bullet for the first shot was already loaded into the chamber of his rifle, all Oswald had to do was aim and squeeze the trigger and pull the bolt back to reload just two more times. Nearly nine seconds is plenty of time to do so.

First Shot

Thanks to the existence of the Zapruder film, which shows Kennedy’s gruesome murder in enough detail, it is possible to scientifically determine the real timing of the three shots which Oswald fired. The first one, which missed JFK, took place at frames 160–161 of the Zapruder film, was deflected by tree branches which obscured some 75% of Oswald’s view through his rifle’s telescope. We know the timing of this shot because a small girl is shown running along side Kennedy’s limousine as he’s waving. Suddenly, at frames 160–161, she slows down and stops, and said she did so after hearing the first shot. In further supportive evidence, both JFK and Texas Governor John Connally suddenly look over towards their right. This is because a shot has been fired from their right side, above them from the sixth floor window where Oswald worked and was seen that day.

Second Shot

This is the crux of the case. In frames 223–224 of the Zapruder film, the lapel from Connally’s suit suddenly flips up (see arrows) in just a fraction of a second. Originally discovered by this writer in the late 1980s, this is the moment that a bullet strikes him, the second shot. It enters Connally’s back, having tumbled sideways, shatters his fifth rib; exits just below his right nipple, strikes his wrist (breaking his radius bone) and barely penetrates the skin of his leg. It was later recovered at Parkland Hospital.

CONspiracy nuts falsely claim that no bullet could cause so much damage and still emerge in the condition it was found. Therefore, it must have been “planted.”

The size of Connally’s entrance wound proves that the bullet which struck him first tumbled sideways before it entered into his back. What caused it to tumble? The answer is Kennedy, who was hit by this same bullet first, which then exited from his throat and next slammed into Connally.

3D computer reconstructions done by this writer in the late 1980s prove that both Kennedy and Connally were in the correct positions for a single bullet to hit and pass through both men. CONspiracy nuts typically misrepresent the actual seating positions of JFK and Connally, they falsely depict them as sitting directly “in front of” one another when in fact Connally was seated several inches to the left of Kennedy. Subsequent 3D reconstructions done by independent researchers and forensic analysis firms have since confirmed this fact.

Third Shot

Frame 313 of the Zapruder film shows Kennedy’s head exploding in a reddish haze of blood, brain matter and bone. This shot also came from the rear, and certainly not from the “grassy knoll” area located to right side and front of JFK.

It is a myth that when being shot, the body always falls backwards. People get this incorrect idea from watching Hollywood movies where the bad guys not only always fall backwards, but dramatically do so through windows, etc.

Hollywood doesn’t use real bullets, Lee Harvey Oswald did. A frame-by-frame analysis of the Zapruder film proves that JFK’s head moved slightly forward first, at the moment of the fatal headshot, before it snapped back suddenly. It jerks back because of the enormous exit pressure from the loss of his brain matter which splattered up and in front of him. It’s simple physics, as grotesque as it is.

Fourth Shot

There was no “fourth shot.” While the U.S. Government wrongly concluded in the 1970s that there had been one from a second shooter, based on an acoustical recording of the alleged event, subsequent analysis by the National Academy of Sciences and others proved that the “shot” captured on an old Dictabelt recording was no “shot” at all and was in fact recorded at an entirely different location minutes after Kennedy had already been killed.

Grassy Knoll “Eyewitnesses”

Predictably, there are a few individuals who falsely claim that they saw or “chased” a “second shooter” on the grassy knoll. Jean Hill is a prime example.

Hill says that she saw a second assassin and started chasing him right after Kennedy was shot. However, photos taken that day prove that Jean Hill did not run across the street nor did she “chase” anyone. In fact, unlike dozens of others, she stayed on the other side of the road and only crossed the street minutes later.

Gordon Arnold was another hoaxer who falsely claimed he was standing on the grassy knoll when he heard a shot “whiz” right past his ear. Arnold does not show up in any imagery taken that day, there’s no evidence he was present.


While the Warren Commission which originally investigated JFK’s murder did not have an airtight case proving that Oswald killed Kennedy, it turns out they were right.

The idea that a lone nut could buy an inexpensive rifle and kill the most powerful man in the world, Kennedy, defies the imagination of many people, especially Americans. Stranger things, however, have indeed occurred throughout history.

What matters is that we now know the truth about what happened. The time has long passed to accept this truth and pass it down to future generations. When one allows CONspiracy nuts to deceive and hijack the narrative, we disgrace not only history, but also the legacy of John F. Kennedy.





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