Dozens of exhibits will be introduced as evidence in the trial proving Ron Pandolfi’s years long involvement in technoscams.
Exhibit from upcoming trial revealing CIA Deputy Director Ron Pandolfi’s earlier involvement in another technoscam via this alleged ‘briefing’ for the President of the United States and Hollywood’s Steven Spielberg.

Here Comes The Judge: Whistleblower To Expose CIA “UFO Disinfo” Scientist, Congressman in Court

Kal Korff
15 min readOct 22, 2019


Former CIA Scientist and Analyst Dr. Ron Pandolfi, former U.S. Congressman Dan Marriott of the world famous Marriott Hotel chain, both could testify in California Superior Court in a trial for participating in a “technoscam” involving UFOs and a phony “anti-gravity”device that bilked investors.

Kal K Korff

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While whistleblowers are dominating news headlines, more are coming. This time, it isn’t only American President Donald Trump who is worried. Instead, it’s arguably a former CIA Deputy Director and apparent associate, Congressman Daniel Marriott of the world famous Marriott Hotel chain. Soon, both he and the CIA’s Ron Pandolfi might have to ‘explain’ to a California Superior Court Judge and jury under oath and penalty of perjury, their roles in a fraudulent scheme involving, you can’t make this up, UFOs and an alleged “anti-gravity” device that never existed. Millions of dollars are involved, investors have been bilked out of their money, salaries legally owed as per contract remain unpaid.

These are admittedly strong allegations, but facts don’t lie. As the only investigative journalist given exclusive ‘insider’ access to this story and this deep dive into what can only be called “UFOlitics” — this is the term that one of its major victims has now coined, and he’s right. Whenever UFOlitics exist, everyone from the CIA to the Pentagon, at times even the White House can get involved. Before we disclose key evidence expected to be revealed in Court seemingly implicating Pandolfi and Marriott, there are other notable figures also caught in the dragnet of this lawsuit. They include famed Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Joseph Firmage, Utah real estate mogul Brandon Fugal, government pseudo-scientist Dr. Hal Puthoff and others mentioned in the Complaints and Motions for Summary Judgment that Daily World has exclusive a-priori access to. To understand their relevance, one must first know who Pandolfi and Marriott are, why their roles are critical in the acts committed while seemingly colluding with Firmage, and how others have done so as well over a decade or more.

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Ron “Fly Trap” Pandolfi

Dr. Ronald Pandolfi is the CIA’s former Deputy Director, Division of Science and Technology (according to WaPo, although Pandolfi denies this). His initial public outing occurred when he was called to testify before Congress concerning Communist China stealing ballistic missile secrets from American aerospace giant Hughes, using as cover commercial satellite programs. In 1995 the Washington Post won a Pulitzer Prize for reporting this story. It was Pandolfi who saw through what the Communists were doing, and for that he perhaps remains a hero.

That was in his past. Today, Pandolfi’s activities are very different. In an email supplied by a key whistleblower to be presented as evidence before the Court, likely by no later than February 2020, parts of his testimony are revealed here. Pandolfi supposedly wrote Firmage on February 22, 2018 telling him, “Hi Joe, I assembled [at CIA] a team of physicists, engineers and mathematicians today to review your work on coupled gyroscopes. The mathematics on such a coupled system is complex, but we managed to model and simulate your more simple concepts. They work exactly as described. Congratulations!”

Never before has a former senior member of the CIA who also ran the Agency’s “Weird Desk” - which handles UFOs - ever testified under oath about his role in proven technoscams.

While it seems to many observers that the involvement of Pandolfi in Firmage’s anti-gravity device scam is beyond dispute, Pandolfi claims this document is a forgery and even suspects Firmage created it. Nevertheless, the Court, when he’s under oath, should help sort out a key issue before the world: is Pandolfi acting under official orders of CIA, Defense Intelligence Agency or some other government entity or has he gone rogue? What evidence is real? The reason for investigating this is because Pandolfi ran the CIA’s “Weird Desk” for years, it ‘handles’ strange topics, from UFOs to claimed advances in propulsion or technology that America’s enemies would naturally want to know about. CIA also uses UFOs for both disinfo purposes and as a cover for secret ops, so do other elements in the U.S. Government. Pandolfi, according to the Whistleblower and others close to him, even claims to “brief Presidents, including Trump,” when in truth there is no verifiable proof he does this. Pandolfi has now been reported to the U.S. Secret Service and other agencies for stating this and other false claims. Pandolfi will likely be asked under oath if he lied about President Trump on his own, or was acting under orders.

What Pandolfi allegedly describes in his letter to Firmage as having successfully “managed to model” is in truth an old gyroscopic device that was imported from Russia by Hal Puthoff, yet another figure who has a long, easily verifiable track record of hyperbole boasting about making “paranormal” and “technology breakthroughs.” He and Pandolfi have known each other for decades. That’s how Firmage seemingly acquired it, through Puthoff, according to Pandolfi.

Firmage, ever since procuring his whizbang wonder, has continued to bilk investors, falsely boasting that he has made an “antigravity machine,” partially devised by studying how UFOs reportedly operate, with Pandolfi right there in the background while publicly “denying” he has played any significant role.

Former Utah state Congressman Daniel Marriott, an heir in the Marriott Hotel chain, ran for office against Joe Firmage’s father, Ed Firmage, who also will be named as a Defendant in the upcoming trial. Marriott is not only a financial backer of Firmage (he admitted this fact to Daily World), he is also arguably double dipping, being in league at times with Pandolfi, according to testimony likely to be revealed in Court.

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Congressman Dan Marriott

When Daily World asked Marriott about his involvement with Firmage and Pandolfi he played coy in every communication we had, denied really knowing Pandolfi well, then said to me on June 5, 2019: “The biggest void today circling around the Firmage stuff is the real role of Pandolfi. We don’t know if he’s the Wizard Of Oz or the Puppet Master with Firmage or what the heck he is. And he’s become the big question mark in our minds. Now the other guys like [Hal] Puthoff and [former CIA Scientist Kit] Green and those other guys, I’ve never even met them, I don’t even know them. What I’ve heard about them isn’t very good.”

Many of Marriott’s claims about Pandolfi appear to be demonstrably false. Not only does he “know him,” he’s conspired with Pandolfi in “handling” Firmage’s seemingly dishonest attempts to settle the current lawsuit, according to evidence scheduled to be shown at trial. Moreover, Dr. Kit Green, who Marriott mentioned, actually ran the CIA’s Weird Desk before Pandolfi succeeded him. Nothing to see here folks, mere “Coincidences,” right? Moving along.


Joe Firmage is a famed Silicon Valley Internet entrepreneur who founded USWeb and ManyOne Networks. During the 1990s, he became a multi-millionaire, spent millions on UFO related projects. Firmage even claims to have been “contacted” by aliens who imparted info to him about anti-gravity, naturally. Exhibit 1 indicting him in the lawsuit is his own official Press Release (still on the Internet as of this reporting) he issued on August 8, 2017 stating, “The International Academy of Science and Arts [InterNASA] announced today that General Managers & Vice Presidents who led USWeb/CKS operations spanning Washington D.C., New York, Atlanta, Austin, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, San Francisco and its original headquarters in San Jose, have joined global trustees who’ve placed $8+ million of founding capital to create the ‘Bells Labs Group’ of the third millennium.

“InterNASA’s founder and CEO, Joseph Firmage, considered a father of the concept of Apps and a pioneer of the Internet Economy, has for the last 20 years been researching and developing advanced propulsion physics and carbon-free energy generation.”

There’s only one problem with both of these claims having over $8 million in “founding capital” and “developing advanced propulsion physics,” etc., and it’s the only one law enforcement and Courts care about: they’re not true! They are in fact materially false — legalize for lies.

Not knowing Firmage and his ilk were pulling a scam, believing in Firmage’s numerous forceful statements that the involvement of the CIA’s Pandolfi established InterNASA’s credibility (which Firmage claimed daily while offering an employment contract and seemingly having endless phone calls with Pandolfi), this was the modus operandi used in this complex technoscam to ensnare Robert Kiviat, famed FOX Network television producer who now has all those principally involved with Firmage on course to go under oath in Orange County Superior Court in Southern California, barring a settlement.

Historic Lawsuit

Robert Kiviat is a longtime FOX Broadcasting Company and NBC Universal Executive Producer, Writer and Director, among his many other decades-long journalistic and TV credits.

Kiviat shot to world fame via his Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction? series of specials for FOX, which were ratings blockbusters. These were just some of the numerous shows about mysteries Kiviat did that millions of viewers have been captivated by, his certifiable broadcast ratings prove this. Well connected, Kiviat has interacted with countless officials in Washington DC at all levels of government, including former NSA Director and Deputy Director of the CIA, the highly regarded Admiral Bobby Ray Inman.

“I’ve always had a longtime interest in advanced Aerospace technology. Here in my mind was a chance to be on the front line, to document it one way or another. I did not know at that time it was always a scam.”

Kiviat’s interest in investigating possible ties between UFO research and advanced Aerospace development began in the early 1990s when he worked for the syndicated TV series Now It Can Be Told, hosted by controversial personality Geraldo Rivera, and later NBC’s smash hit series, Unsolved Mysteries, hosted by iconic actor Robert Stack. After learning InterNASA had the backing of the “prestigious” Pandolfi and the even more eminent Congressman Marriott, trusting their credentials, Kiviat signed a contract with Firmage to handle Communications, Public Relations and Studio projects for InterNASA. Exhibit 2 is Kiviat’s contract he duly signed with Firmage, it can’t be undone nor denied.

As Kiviat explained it in an exclusive interview with Daily World, “I’ve always had a longtime interest in advanced Aerospace technology. Here in my mind was a chance to be on the front line, to document it one way or another. I did not know at that time it was always a scam. Once I discovered it was pure fraud, I moved to expose it by filing the lawsuit and alerting the media. I am cooperating with investigators and authorities, I am turning over everything. What they did was wrong and egregiously damaging to me and my family.”

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New Pandolfi Whistleblower Emerges

Kiviat isn’t the only firsthand witnesses to now be exposing InterNASA’s Firmage, Marriott, et. al., and Pandolfi’s apparent role, too. Paul Price, an “exotic propulsion” theoretician, is now turning “State’s” evidence and will testify in Court. Price is yet another victim of Pandolfi’s damaging, mean spirited, wholly obfuscating mind games; which to reiterate, are being done either under the orders of the CIA or other official capacity, or Pandolfi is acting on his own, albeit in league with Firmage, Marriott and others.

There are now only two possibilities soon to be put before a California Judge and jury in pursuit of the truth. Either Firmage has been encouraged (or conned) by Pandolfi to carry out the InterNASA scam, or as Pandolfi has suggested, Firmage used their “friendship” to hoax his CIA involvement. The testimony and evidence to be presented at trial early in 2020 is such that there is no way the Court will not be able to make clear rulings with certainty. Put another way, the facts are persuasive in this case that real, long overdue justice will be served in this trial.

“This vetting of UFOlitics truth,” as Kiviat explains it, is a natural byproduct of the very dynamics inherent in his legal case, which initially was filed to just collect unpaid contracted salary arrears. Pandolfi is expected to be grilled about his past decades long interactions and disinfo ops he has deliberately spread among UFO researchers, data Whistleblower Paul Price will divulge in detail while on the witness stand. His evidence consists of recordings of Pandolfi destroying his own credibility, countless documents, phone records, you name it. Price is bent on proving Pandolfi has engaged in and has shown a consistent, calculating pattern of fraud for many years dating back to the era of President Bill Clinton when he targeted many supposed members of a largely mythical, loosely connected group of government associated UFO researchers dubbed the “Aviary.” To support these and other allegations against him, Pandolfi will be confronted with various documents he has unquestionably at least co-authored over the years, with Price and others testifying under oath about their legitimacy.

Another Exhibit in the upcoming trial is this promo video from InterNASA showing Joe Firmage (left) hyping his imaginary “Version .9” anti-gravity machine that in reality has never existed, but has been used to bilk investors out of millions! It even has Das Blinkenlights. (Credit: InterNASA)

Price will also categorically state at trial that it was Pandolfi himself who called him in 2016 to let Price know he was supporting Firmage’s efforts to restart development of his “antigravity” prototype initially pioneered by Firmage and his former partner, Utah businessman Brandon Fugal. Fugal, curiously, then purchased a much hyped mythical “paranormal” hotspot in Utah called Skinwalker Ranch from quirky billionaire Robert Bigelow, also in 2016.

Here’s the best part: After Pandolfi’s likely sworn testimony is given in Court, it will be submitted to the CIA’s and DIA’s Inspector Generals for their review. Regardless of the outcome, this is real, serious news with major ramifications. The issue is razor clear: CIA would never condone one of their own, let alone a Deputy Director, committing such repeated patterns of public fraud and disinfo, or would it? Fact is, Pandolfi continued to work for intelligence interests while committing such acts. Inquires are now being made into this issue, specifically to find out once again if Agency X knew of any of these issues or scams, what were their reactions, if any? There is much to answer for, one way or another. What matters is that the truth will be exposed, it helps protect the public, and investors.

Eric Sapir, the attorney representing Kiviat from the Law Office of Eric Sapir, based in Los Angeles, adds, “The facts about Firmage, Marriott, Pandolfi and most importantly, Firmage’s and InterNASA’s board members’ provable responsibility in hiring Robert Kiviat and for ultimately paying him for his many months of dedicated work is what I’m most concerned with. I’m confident the jury will see the facts as we do and rule accordingly.”

Spying On India?

In an even more bizarre twist surrounding Pandolfi, his current wife, who calls herself “Princess Aliyah,” claims to be from Kashmir and part of royalty. Pakistani by birth, or alternatively, having teleported to Earth via a “portal” when just a young child as some leading UFO researchers claim Pandolfi has told his closest confidants, she is on record in videos and “live” Web streams seemingly lending credence to these far out notions. You can’t make this up!

Once again further questions about Pandolfi arise. When a Deputy Director of CIA marries an alleged “inter-dimensional traveler” per se, he must recognize that he holds top secrets, restricted access, might even know where the secret Roswell UFO crash debris is stored because CIA would certainly know this, they’re part of the so-called “Cosmic Watergate” cover-up concerning UFOs, right? Pandolfi will now get his chance to shine and answer such inquires in Court, only it won’t be aliens probing him this time, but Lawyer Eric Sapir and his team.

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Obviously, promoting this tripe is not consistent with telling the public the truth. People dumb enough to believe this stuff (there are millions who do, it’s now endemic in the USA) can easily be exploited. Such people do exist, especially in the ranks of millions of CONspiracy nuts. Let’s be blunt here, Pandolfi’s wife was not “teleported” to Earth via any “portal.” From an evidentiary standpoint, which is what the courts and laws care about, this is more proof that false claims have consistently been made over decades which cannot be credibly dismissed as being such things as either accidental or careless “misunderstandings,” “misquotes” nor “mischaracteri-zations.” When your wife is on video and there are texts promoting this lunacy, while it’s beyond bizarre, it’s still fraud.

Still another area that will likely be examined in Court is Pandolfi’s current gig he runs with his wife, who together have their young daughter (named Kashmir) also believing she arrived here (at least partially through her Mother’s genetics) from either outer space or another dimension — you’d have to ask the time-bending Princess Aliyah Pandolfi. Videos of her are on YouTube, try to find them before they coincidentally disappear. Arguable child abuse issues arise involving indoctrinating an innocent child’s impressionable mind to the point where she believes what Mommy says about portals and arriving to Earth.

Pandolfi and his wife claim to be using drones to monitor Snow Leopard populations and other wildlife along the border of Pakistan and India. Price and others are now providing data leads that this ‘enterprise’ may in fact be a CIA ‘encouraged’ effort to essentially spy on this region without having to bother with paperwork, transparency nor accountability through official channels. Only the CIA knows the truth about this, outside of Pandolfi and his wife. To help insure that this is not another Joe Firmage style technoscam that he is involved with, Pandolfi will presumably be under oath on this issue as well, his testimony then submitted to various agencies for their inputs since he and his wife speak at public events and solicit millions of dollars in funding and claim several sponsors. Inquires are also being made with these named sponsors on their drone promoting website to see if these boasts are true, once again out of legitimate concerns only because without question, a past, decades long easily verifiable record of false claims made by Pandolfi exists.

Since this will be a jury trial, with the public obviously extremely interested (more likely riveted) in hearing what a former CIA Deputy Director has to say about everything from UFOs and his wife’s “time portal,” to Joe Firmage being, to quote Pandolfi from secret records, “A destitute Con-Man” and other juicy claims in his defense, this trial initiated by Kiviat unless there is a last minute settlement, should prove historic. There has never been an action like this.

Mocking The Court

The final critical element in the upcoming trial is the fact that right after first being sued by Kiviat, Firmage and Pandolfi originally quickly moved to settle. Pandolfi even asked Congressman Marriott if his lawyer could also represent him. Marriott, in true spirit of “genuine partnership,” told Pandolfi nope, he’s on his own.

In his “settlement” that was entered into the Court record under penalty of perjury, Firmage said he would not only pay money owed to Kiviat, but also 5% interest per week, until this legally owed debt was settled. This, like so much Firmage says, also never happened. Moreover, the Court has now ruled that this settlement (suspected of always having been another fraud) is officially vacated, ordered so by the Judge.

Put another way, “It’s On!” — again. Firmage, Marriott, InterNASA Board member Ed Firmage and others; Pandolfi too, (who earlier asked to be removed from the original suit in exchange for co-operating), now all could face the Court shortly. Already, paperwork is flying, only this time it is completely identified and real — with real consequences.

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