The terrorist group HAMAS has started another war against the Jewish state of Israel.

The TRUTH about HAMAS and the Palestinians Most People Are Busy Avoiding

Kal Korff
11 min readOct 18, 2023


Kal K Korff

“One man’s ‘terrorist,’ is another man’s ‘freedom fighter,’” so goes a popular adage too often used as an excuse to avoid the horrifying truths about one reality — Terrorism.

To be clear, the definition of the word “terrorism” is that it is the systematic targeting of innocent civilians for the purposes of political or social change.

Standing in contrast to acts of terrorism and terrorists, are freedom fighters or resistance fighters, unlike terrorists they target only government entities and institutions, they never harm nor terrorize innocent civilians.

It is vital when trying to understand the complexities of the worlds of terrorism, that most people never distinguish between these two very different definitions.

This is a critical fact that must always be accounted for in foreign policy or any other official policies and practices when dealing with terrorism and interfacing with the public. Their average Ignorati levels are to be assumed to be at very high levels, even basic terms must be explained and they must be made clear. All parties involved in any discussions must not only understand these definitions, but agree on how they are applied in said talks. Without this basic, foundational core dynamic over these two vital terms, there is no chance the wars against terrorism can ever be won.

These important universal definitions and distinctions were adopted by the United Nations in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 against the United States by the Islamofascist group al-Qaeda.

The reason the UN did this was to help standardize and expedite the investigations and prosecutions of terrorists and their crimes. This is because prior to this harmonization, terrorist acts executed in one country, were not automagically “terrorist” attacks in another, a dynamic which frequently foiled law enforcement resulting in uneven prison sentences and was abused by politicians.

Fast forward now to the present, on October 7, 2023 the terrorist group HAMAS launched its most ambitious series of strikes to date against the Jewish state of Israel, starting yet another war against it. Attacking Israel via waves of well trained commandos using improvised but effective tactics to successfully execute quick commando style attacks, dozens of terrorists in convoys of as many as eight vehicles stormed into neighborhoods, murdering innocent people of all ages. When HAMAS killers were not busy shooting people wherever they stood, they systematically kidnapped Jews and foreigners of all ages, taking them hostage abducting them back into HAMAS territory in what were pre-planned snatch and grab operations.

Intelligence Failures, Now What?

How and why Israel has been caught off guard will of course be analyzed and sorted out in detail over time. Right now, there is a war to be fought and won, where possible. Israel has a very good track record autopsying its own failures, but this will take time and honest introspection.

The real issues here are not about Israel’s current Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, who is at the end of his long political career, regardless.

Instead, the real issues that must be resolved logically and unwaveringly, are these Six Fundamentals listed here. Failure to resolve these arenas, will lead only to further wars.

Meanwhile, what is known is that the mastermind behind what HAMAS did, which Iran was briefed on and signed off on just before the attacks began, is lifelong terrorist Mohammed Deif, Commander of HAMAS’ Military Wing.

His voice blared over recordings declaring this attack and boasting about it. Deif is well known to Israel’s Mossad and Shin Bet, he has survived no less than five attempts to kill him. Despite losing one arm and a leg and being permanently wheelchair bound, Deif is now the world’s most wanted man for elimination, replacing Vladimir Putin.

Israel will make sure he is now killed, regardless of who or what else is in the building where they eventually find him, if he has not been taken out already. There will be a reckoning over what went wrong, why this colossal failure? Israel has vowed to make sure this cannot happen this way again, but the question remains, what comes next, besides the obvious — retaliations?

Until these Six Fundamentals areas are systematically addressed and done so properly, there will never be genuine peace re Israel and HAMAS, nor any other terrorist group which exists solely to murder Jews.

Step 1: Israel’s “Right” To Exist

“If it exists, it has at least one purpose. Nothing exists just for no reason.” The key words here are “at least one.”

Israel exists with the distinct purpose of being a nation for Jewish people, and it is officially recognized as a Jewish state. Established in 1948, it has been a member of the United Nations since its inception. Denying Israel’s existence is a distortion of undeniable reality and history, which cannot be justified nor excused.

Such denials, which are driven by either hatred or inexcusable ignorance of real history, should be identified, challenged and corrected immediately. It does not matter what the subject is, denying facts or real history, is always wrong.

Individuals who deny Israel’s existence in addition to being lying deniers and haters, are disregarding facts and reality, since no entity has the legitimate authority to claim that Israel either should not, or does not, exist!

This denial can be seen as an affront to humanity, civilization, a declaration of war against the very concept of nationhood itself. Israel’s existence is a fact, irrespective of whether other nations like Iran or Saudi Arabia admit this fact.

Unlike the Palestinians, who have not sought UN membership or statehood, which is their choice, Israel is a fully recognized and chartered member of the United Nations and unlike Palestine, is a real country that just celebrated its 75th year of existence since its rebirth — key word here, rebirth.

Jerusalem was designated the “eternal capital” of the Jewish people by King David in 1,000 BCE when he united Israel’s tribes, underscoring its significance for over the past 3,000+ years.

2. “Palestinians” Are Unique Race

Another lie in the war against truth and genuine peace in the Middle East, is the claim that the Palestinians are an “indigenous people” of some kind, even pre-dating the existence of Jews in the old kingdom of Judaea, meaning they date back thousands of years.

If you listened to terrorist Yasser Arafat and current PNA dictator for life, Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinians are even the “Old Canaanites in the Bible.” While this is news to real archaeologists, real historians and real scientists in the real world, this is the filth, lies and hatred that Palestinian children are brainwashed and raised on. Here’s why it matters:

For those who are unaware, the so-called “Palestinians” as they are marked today as being a distinct group or culture or peoples, emerged only in 1967, literally invented by the Jordanian government.

This is why the official flag of both the Palestinians and the nation of Jordan are identical except for the single sunburst symbol difference.

This is because the Jordanians created “autonomous Palestinians” after they lost the Six Days War they helped start against Israel in 1967 and quickly lost.

Prior to this defeat, these same now suddenly newly minted human race “Palestinians” were simply Jordanian Arabs, complete with Jordanian accents and no unique language because they were never a distinguished nor unique culture.

This schtick is very bad modern fiction, a fraud that must never be validated. Let us easily prove this.

Try finding ancient evidence of “Palestinian” artifacts, coins, jewelry, religious or written scrolls, textiles, buildings, or significant written works and poetic epics, all of which are hallmarks of ancient cultures that once really did exist and can easily be verified.

The truth is, there is no historical record of such Palestinian artifacts or writings because they do not exist!

There is not even an original “Palestinian Language,” it does NOT exist!

No one speaks “Palestinian,” because it has NEVER existed!

Whereas Hebrew is the official language of the State of Israel recognized by the United Nations and most of this world, the Hebrew language itself is more than 3,000 years old.

Logically, merely claiming a history does not prove it. No myths or lies about real history, should ever go unchallenged. Silence, not only implies consent, it further fuels harm.

To recap, we have now exposed the lies that Israel has “no right to exist,” and that the “Palestinians” are a unique people or race, separate from what are really Jordanian Arabs. They are a modern, false construct.

3. HAMAS — No Legitimacy

Apologists for the terrorist group HAMAS falsely claim that it is an elected government, ergo it is ‘legitimate’ or has ‘the right’ for it to be in power. In reality, the exact opposite is true, HAMAS has not been legitimate since 2007.

Since real History matters, the last truly free and fair election HAMAS genuinely won was 17 years ago, in 2006, when it ran against the Palestinian National Authority’s Fatah and what would be Mahmoud Abbas’ administration, the appointed successor to terrorist Yasser Arafat after he died.

Arafat was the original Palestinian Liberation Organization’s most infamous mastermind. This ‘bright idea’ to even permit HAMAS to participate in democratic elections was signed off on by American President, Republican George W. Bush, along with his ‘brains’ on foreign policy on this issue, Condoleezza Rice.

Their grand theory, which never worked, was that once HAMAS got a taste of ‘legitimate power via democracy,’ they would chill and stop their suicide bombings. This view was beyond stupid, since there was zero evidence this would or could ever happen. It never did.

A year later in 2007, HAMAS was ‘done’ with any pretenses of any open and free Palestinian society, they would have no more elections, they rose up to attack Abbas, killing over 650 fellow Palestinians.

Ironically, with both Israeli and American help, Abbas was rescued from certain capture and fled to the West Bank. Abbas promised to serve just four years in office, then hold free and fair elections.

He lied, never kept that promise, still remains in power, and will likely die in office. HAMAS has openly declared that they will take over what is left of his empire after he dies.

Should they succeed, HAMAS will be the only “representatives” of the Palestinians left, who will still be without any representative government. Instead, the HAMAS are the Taliban of Gaza.

4. Who “Speaks” for Palestinians?

Let’s pretend HAMAS and Abbas loved each other for a moment. Which one of them really speaks for the Palestinians? According to HAMAS, they do, not Abbas.

According to Abbas and the UN, most nations, Abbas speaks for the Palestinians.

Since HAMAS refuses to play along with this, genuine peace is not possible until the Palestinians get their own collective acts together and have a single voice and unified government.

There was never any chance that HAMAS and Abbas would or could ever work together. Neither of them want what is best for the Palestinians, which is genuine and peaceful co-existence with Israel.

Instead, both HAMAS and Fatah are run by corrupt despots, one can even Google their names and often, Swiss bank accounts.

5. Palestinians for Peace, Iran: No

Let’s further imagine that the Palestinians one day agreed to stop murdering each other and decided they wanted to join the rest of the world, become a member of the United Nations and live in peace with Israel as a separate country.

Problem is, unless their safety and security is guaranteed by enough nations who can enforce this and make it really work, countries like Iran, Syria, Communist China, Russia, North Korea will all try to run interference in this and make sure this never succeeds. This is due to the next reason, number 6.

The lesson here is one of real world global politics. Just because two countries want peace, does not guarantee that larger more powerful nations also desire the same, in fact they may not want two nations to be at peace because it destroys their own plans. Let’s prove this with issue 6.

6. Russia, China, North Korea, Pakistan

Now that HAMAS has started another war in the Middle East against Israel, the challenge as usual (HAMAS knows and counts on this) is to keep this conflict from spreading beyond Israel’s borders and HAMAS ruled areas.

Already, rocket firing from neighboring Lebanon has taken place, courtesy of Iran’s favorite terrorist group, Hezbollah. Hezbollah is not like HAMAS.

While HAMAS are Sunni Muslims, Hezbollah are Shias, loyal only to Iran and whatever Ayatollah is in power. Hezbollah was started by Ayatollah Khomeini to help spread the Iranian revolution globally.

Translation: kill perceived enemies, opponents, murder Jews, Americans, the Great Satan and Little Satan, to cite Iran’s hate-fueled terms.

Hezbollah is more dangerous than HAMAS will ever be, in fact it wasn’t until after Arafat died that Iran slowly warmed up to HAMAS and increasingly became its terrorist patron, replacinbg Saudi Arabia. It has largely driven much of the past few wars HAMAS has started and lost.

HAMAS has never won a war against Israel, despite its boasts to the contrary. This is because “victory” is defined by HAMAS as essentially living to fight another day, while “victory” in the west is often defined as “degrading their capabilities.”


Our sacred duty as all human beings, is straightforward yet daunting: to tirelessly pursue and extinguish the embers of hatred that fan the flames of terrorism. Without such relentless endeavors, we stand on the precipice of witnessing an escalation of violence so gruesome, so cataclysmic, that the sacred dream of global peace will never be achievable.

We must never forget that countries like Communist China, do not want free nations like Taiwan, to exist except under their rule.

They do not want nations like the USA to succeed, they do not want trading block alliances like the European Union to prosper.

We cannot ignore any longer, the fact that right now we have two major wars, Ukraine and now in Israel, Communist China will attack Taiwan next, unless they are stopped.

The time to stop them is not after they have done this, but before.

In the tapestry of this world we inhabit today, a pivotal decision beckons: Shall we weave threads of peace, harmony, and indomitable moral standards that stand sentinel over the sanctity of human life?

Or shall we succumb to a bifurcated existence, a chasm deep and wide, separating realms of freedom and tyranny?

On one side of this chasm lays the cherished garden of democracy, where the seeds of freedom sprout and flourish under the vigilant gaze of elected leaders. It is a domain where the air is thick with the intoxicating fragrance of human dignity and the undying aspirations for truth, potential, liberty, and democracy.

On the other side, however, exists the specter of dictatorships. A dark abyss where human dignity is trampled underfoot, and grandiloquent words and propaganda mask the true nature of their regimes.

These are not bastions of truth nor freedom but fortresses built by power-thirsty despots who have no truly free or neutral media or press, with eyes set on global dominion, disdainfully scoffing at the very ideals that the majority of the world’s populace hold dear: life, liberty, justice, the pursuit of happiness — even the right to own your own property, true freedom of religion.

The hour of reckoning is upon us as a species. There is only one race, HUMAN! With solemn hearts and resolute spirits, let us acknowledge that in the grand theater of life, there is but one role that destiny has scripted for us, a role we must embrace with both hands, without a shadow of doubt nor hesitations. This choice is irrevocably ours, and in this defining moment, we must not falter.

For in our hands rests not merely the fate of all nations, but more important, the promise of a world where freedom rings, justice reigns, and peace triumphs not by chance, but by careful designs.

The lessons here are simple, easily understood.

Terrorism is a choice, it is never an accident.

Accommodating or submitting to Terrorism is a choice, it isn’t by accident.

Until the root causes which fuel terrorism, which is hatred, are ruthlessly hunted down and defeated, there will always be terrorist attacks and acts of violence accordingly, the human race will never achieve its full potentials.

As world famous Scientist Dr. Albert Einstein said: “Evil only succeeds when good fails to do its job.”

As American President John F. Kennedy said, “The price of real freedom, is eternal vigilance.”

This continued avoidance, will only continue to make things worse.




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